Obtaining Turkish Citizenship
Turkey’s citizenship by investment program is among the most appealing worldwide. Both the value of the Turkish passport and the requirements make the process very interesting for internationals.
With Property Pluss, you’ll never have to worry about receiving support from our team. Because we value our clients and the relationships we form with them, we offer services of value after-sales. Especially since a large segment of our clients is international buyers who are unfamiliar with the country and the paperwork to be done.
what we can do
Prepare and check all necessary
Our customer care will handle all the documents for your residency or citizenship program. For all the transactions relevant to the process, you will have our customer care take care of it. From issuing the right documents, such as a certificate of conformity for your property, to checking off all the boxes. 
We’ll do our best to help you out with any complications or issues that you may face after buying the property. While solving conflict is one aspect of our post-sales service, we also offer support for less grave incidents.
Follow up the process
We’ll diligently follow up the process until you successfully submit your application to the Civil Affairs Directorate and obtain your Turkish ID and passport.
At Property Pluss we find that most of our clients need help with basic paperwork. And that is very understandable considering the language barrier. So, you’ll have a member of our customer support follow up with you until your settlement.

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