Welcome to Property Plus, an award-winning real estate agency in Istanbul fulfilling our clients’ property needs since 2017.

Who We Are
We are a Turkish based real estate agency established in early 2017 and specialized in versatile real estate and investment consultancy. Since the inception of Property Pluss, we have achieved extensive success crossing massive milestones in a short period of time. The journey of prosperity that would firm witness, earned us the trust of the biggest construction companies in Turkey as well as foreign investors.

Hosting seasoned real estate and investment consultants, we are dedicated to exceptionally serving the property market, refining the standards for foreign investors, and making an influence in the market.

Although we are based in Istanbul of Turkey, Property Pluss is planning to ramify its headquarters to include major cities in Turkey. However, our location doesn’t restrict our team who is committed to scanning the market for luxurious projects with mesmerizing scenery in strategic investment areas across Turkey; from providing you with an exceptional selection of real estate projects.
Our mission
It is our mission to culture this reputation and work by it.
Our mission is to bring value, excellence, and luxury to the discipline as well as modernize the practice of selling and buying real estate to maintain our position as a leading real estate agency in Turkey that caters to the needs of foreign investors. We are aware of Turkey’s real estate potential and aim to give our clients the best opportunities that meet their motives and needs.

Property Pluss has earned a reputation as a firm of brilliance; focused on bringing value to clients with an approach that centers around comfort and improving the standard of living
Our Values
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Transparency
    Transparency and honesty are the foundations of our work and the driving force shaping our professional careers.
  • Client Orientation
    We put our clients and their interests first and aim to give the most transparent real estate advice.
  • Quality
    We exclusively provide excellence and strictly aim to exceed expectations in everything we do.
Our Vision
Our vision is tunnel-focused into earning our franchise unprecedented success becoming the number one address for investors looking for excellence, consistency, and customer satisfaction offering top-tier offers that serve a cultivated taste.
What Makes Us Special
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Qualified consultants
    Specialized departments led by qualified consultants to dress the different sectors of real estate 
  • Guidance
    Guidance before and after buying property to help our clients finish their purchases smoothly 
  • Experience
    Experienced agents who will strongly negotiate for your needs
  • Informative approach
    An informative approach that keeps you in the picture about the smallest details regarding your decisions
Our organizational structure
We’re firm believers that the success of any franchise lies heavily in its organizational structure. An inside-out approach is what determines the quality of a brand and its services. Since we are dedicated to delivering excellence, excellence must stem from our team and we have been fortunate enough to host some of the most skilled in the industry to build an exceptional family.
Customer service
Working within our customer service at Property Pluss is a well-trained workforce with elaborate expertise in hospitality and customer satisfaction to deliver the necessary services to our clients ensuring their needs are heard and met as soon as possible with little to no inconvenience. Our team in customer services is multi-lingual where our members speak Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Urdu, and Russian.

We’re focused on maintaining meaningful relationships with our clients pre- and post-sales; ensuring that they’re met with options that exceed their expectations.
Real Estate Consultants
At Property Pluss host real estate consultants with an exceptionally refined knowledge of real estate, investment, and finance ready to give our clients guidance, advice, and assistance in regard to asset management, market analysis & modelling, as well as lease management.
Sales Team
Our sales team is likewise multi-lingual and connects with our clients before their arrival in Turkey. Their response for providing our clients with transparent information about our services and costs as well as addressing their basic inquiries provided the close-knit relationship of our sales team with construction companies allowing them to give your information about projects collected from reliable spruces. Our sales team is also responsible for managing your travel arrangements.
Property and Real Estate Attorneys
Our services would be incomplete without compressive legal services; therefore, we have some of the most accomplished real estate attorneys to supervise the legal process of buying and selling real estate through evaluating the documents and ensuring they are properly prepared.
Marketing team
The skilled marketing team at Property Pluss is dedicated to keeping you up to date with real estate news in Turkey as well as abroad. In addition to delivering video content for projects to help you envision them at a distance before arriving in Turkey.