by Investment

Turkish Citizenship is your
Profitable investment
Property investment with no donation
You can buy any property for a minimum total value of $400,000: land, commercial property, apartment etc.
Potential return on investment
Rental income 5-10% and option to re-sell the property in 3 years, after 5 years you can sell it with 0% of taxes
Turkish Citizenship is your
Gate to
Turkish Citizenship is your
New quality of Life
House Price Change in 1 Year
Inflation-adjusted (real)
According to Turkey Central Bank.
House prices index in Turkey.
Quality of Life in Turkey according to statistics of Numbeo.com
110 countries worldwide, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea
Travel with ease
Rental income 5-10% and option to re-sell the property in 3 years, after 5 years you can sell it with 0% of taxes
Relocate and open business in US
Option to relocate to the US and establish your business under the USA E-2 Investor Visa
Relocate and open business in UK
Visa free to
1- A lifetime Turkey citizenship is granted in 6 months.
2- No minimum residency in Turkey is required.
3- Full medical assistance included.
4- Pension programs are available.
5- Free education and university reimbursement plans.
6- Turkey Passport allows visa-free travel to more than 110 countries.
7- Future access without a visa to EU and Schengen countries.
8- A solid investment with rental returns.
Very low
Cost of Living Index
Health Care Index
Very high
Climate Index
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Turkish Citizenship
in 6 Steps
We will guide you through every step of the Turkish citizenship acquisition process. With due diligence, document preparation, and careful assessment of your starting point, you will be fully equipped to submit the application and receive approval.
Property Plus consultants will assess your personal conditions and assist you in choosing the most suitable investment option. The main applicant may also add dependents to a residency application, including his/her spouse, children under 18 years old, and disabled children of any age.
Document Preparation
With a comprehensive document checklist and thorough review by our experts, you will be fully equipped to submit your citizenship application.
Bank Account Set-Up
Before proceeding with the citizenship application, investors are required to open a bank account in Turkey and complete the investment (i.e. real estate title deed transfer, cash deposit, government bond/share purchase etc.)
Residence Permit Application
Investors are required to hold a valid residence permit at the time of their citizenship application, but they may continue to live abroad as long as they want. The residence permit will be issued on the day of application.
Citizenship Application
Investors can immediately apply for citizenship once the residence permit is granted. No physical presence or interview is needed during the application process.
Citizenship Approval
Get Turkish citizenship within 60 days and enjoy all the advantages that come with it. As a naturalized Turkish citizen, an investor seeking to start a business in the UK or the USA will benefit from an eased incorporation and relocation procedure.
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In addition to investing in the Turkish economy, there are several other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship: By marriage - after three years of marriage. By birth - suitable for those who have at least one parent who is a Turkish citizen. By employment - after five years of work under a contract.