The expert will conduct a private consultation and will create an individual list of suitable options for you. We can help you find apartment or commercial property.
The expert will conduct a private consultation and will create an individual list of suitable options for you. We can help you find apartment or commercial property.
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Send a request
Send us a request with an approximate description of the property or investment project that you are interested in.
We will contact you to discuss the request. We are also always ready to receive you in one of our offices or organize a video conference.
Selection of offers
After clarifying all the details, we are looking for suggestions and together with you we choose the best option.
Preparation of documents
We advise you on what documents are required to obtain detailed information about the object, a bank loan and opening an account.
Viewing tour
You are going to inspect the selected object or objects. Tranio employees or our partners will meet you on the spot.
Signing the contract
After choosing the best object, you will sign a purchase and sale agreement (for rental objects) or an investment agreement (for development).
Money transfer or cash payment
You transfer funds to the seller's or developer's account and pay the associated commissions.
Making a profit
After the purchase, you receive rental income or profit from the implementation of a development project.
what can we do
An expert on new buildings will conduct a private consultation and form an individual list of suitable LCDs. You can make an appointment in our comfortable office in the city center, or schedule a specialist visit to a location convenient for you.
If you do not have free time to visit the office, or you live in another city or country, we are ready to answer all questions and collect a personal list in an online format, regardless of time zones.
Real Estate
Tour & Reception
You do not have to adjust your schedule for visiting objects - we will show you all properties. For busy people and those who live in another city. Also we can arrange airport transfer for you and help you to find hotel.
Foreign investors can buy real estate as residential property or as a prospective asset with the possibility of a high return on investment. Turkey has an extensive selection of comfortable residences and luxury seaside villas at appropriate costs for all budgets. Foreign investors may also gain rental income from their real estate investments or sell them after a 3-year period of restriction.
Why invest in real estate in Turkey?
High yields
Real estate investment generally provides higher returns than any other financial instruments (government and corporate bonds/deposits), and such yields can be comparable or even exceed those of corporate stock/company shares.
Preservation of capital
Real estate only loses its value in very extreme cases: for example, if a building becomes completely derelict or an area uninhabitable.
Low volatility
Real estate is less volatile than any other financial instruments. This is because real estate transactions are conducted on private markets and are less liquid.
Income tax optimisation
Income from bonds and shares is subject to income tax but it is possible to deduct any depreciation from the tax base through real estate, while maintaining its market value.
Protection against inflation
Standard rental agreements include annual indexation, which can be expressed as a fixed percentage or can equal the consumer price index. When selling real estate, its price will also rise with inflation (given stable demand).
Cash Flow
Investments in commercial real estate typically lead to stable cash inflows from rent, which are distributed through dividends on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
Financial leverage
If a bank loan is used to finance a purchase, the rental income will help cover the debt. Rental income will reduce the financial burden, increasing the equity capital, which the investor can eventually sell. If debt financing is cheaper than using equity capital, an investor can profit on the difference between the cost of equity and debt capital.
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Answer 5 simple questions and and we will send presentation with collection of the most suitable apartments for you.
We provide one window solutions. Our clients find property at the best price and get advice and support at all stages.
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With us, you never buy just property