Residential Complex
SeaPearl Atakoy has raised the standard of living in Istanbul to the summit of excellence, where the most prestigious persons are found.
Our story begins by understanding the difference of living in Istanbul and living with Istanbul.

The sea is why Istanbul has such a magnificent history and inherent tranquility that make this a favorite megacity of the world, where you can find anything your heart desires…

Where thoughts and dreams have combined into a deluxe residential project directly on the seafront in Atakoy, one of the best and central districts of Istanbul.
Here will be some text about payment options and about that propert plus guarantees secure of payment and that everything goes ok. Also we can write somethin about paying with cryptocurrencies and add icons of them
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Ataköy is located in Bakırköy district on the European side of Istanbul. It is adjacent to Bahçelievler district and Şirinevler neighborhood. Read More
Istanbul is the "industrial center" of Turkey. ... In addition, the city generates 55% of Turkey's trade and 45% of the country's wholesale trade, and generates 21.2% of Turkey's gross national product. Read More
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Various types and sizes of apartments to choose from
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Location and nearby infrastructure
Location: Pineapple Loft, 22 Pink Street, New York

Nearby infrastructure
  • 0.8km away from the beach
  • 1km from Trade Center
  • 2.0km away from Gumusluk
  • 52km away from Bodrum Airport