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Cost of Living in Turkey 2022

Many people inquire about the cost of living in Turkey. But the answer is complex and depends on three aspects.

The first is the size of your family. Families with children under 16 are likely to face high educational expenses, which is different for a single person.

The second aspect is your lifestyle and whether you plan to own a vehicle, smoke, drink, or eat out.

Finally, the cost of living varies from region to region. Although Istanbul is significantly cheaper than London and New York, it's still the most expensive region in Turkey.

Cost of Living in Turkey: The biggest expenses

The most expensive expense, no matter where you live in Turkey, is rent. In the regions on the Aegean or Mediterranean coasts, expect to pay 8,000 to 12,000 TL per month for a basic 2-bedroom apartment.

However, it would be best if you went to Istanbul because everything is possible and affordable in the capital of Turkey. A simple studio apartment on the outskirts of Istanbul can cost up to 5000 TL. The prices of flats near the city center are generally increasing. For a rental apartment in Taksim or other well-known neighborhoods, prices can reach up to 13000 TL per month. What additional expenses are you likely to have?

Main Points related to the Cost of Living in Turkey

There are many points to know about the cost of living in Turkey. Here we highlight the most important ones to have a great idea.

Household bills: 

This is where Turkey helps to offset expensive rent since household bills are very affordable. Monthly charges comprise water, electricity and sewerage, phone, gas, internet, and satellite services. Apartment homes with more than six households will also have to pay for apartment Aidat which is a charge to pay for services shared by the community. Add between 1250 and 2000 TL per month to ensure your household operates smoothly.

Council Tax and Insurance:

  These yearly costs are a real treat for foreigners as they're only a fraction of what is charged in other countries, such as the UK. The council tax is calculated based on the price bracket of the official price for your home and the number of people listed on your title deeds. The earthquake insurance requirement is determined by the square meters of the property. You may also add fire and theft protection in addition. Add 1000-1800 per year to TL for both these costs.

Cost of Dining out and drinking: 

A budget or fast-food meal is around 75 TL, which can be as high as 200 TL if you go to moderately priced restaurants. The beer prices at shops vary between 35 and 50 TL but could cost as high as 70 TL when you go to the bar. You can expect to shell out 150 TL for the mid-range bottle.

Cost of Transportation: 

If you plan to move to Istanbul, public transportation costs significantly, and using city services can cost around 777 TL per month. In other words, gasoline prices are about 22 TL, and car owners need to budget about 20,000 TL per year for insurance, maintenance, and MOT.

Residency and Healthcare:

This is a significant expense for aliens under age 65 because they must purchase health insurance to qualify for residency. A foreigner pays about 7,000 TL per year in application and renewal fees, as well as for enrollment in Turkey's national health insurance. Please remember that the SGK payment for couples is the same as for a single person. Save money by choosing private health insurance.

Food Shopping:

You can save a lot of money if you know where to buy it. Instead of buying your needs from supermarkets like fruit, veg, and dairy products, you can go to the local markets near to your home. Weekly, you will spend an average of 1000 TL on a good selection of products. Currently, lamb and beef are very expensive in Turkey, averaging 150 to 180 TL per kilogram. The most consumed meat in Turkey is chicken, which costs about 77 TL per kilogram.

General Monthly Estimate:

Assuming you own your own property and have no rent or mortgage to pay, the cost of living in Turkey is around 6,000 TL for a reasonable lifestyle but rises to 9,000 TL in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

Cost of Living Averages Table for Turkey

*Note: All prices are indicated in USD.