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Kadikoy: All you need you know about the region

Kadikoy is a coastal region on the Asian side of Istanbul that has a strong native statement. The historic buildings reign over the region as the waves of the Marmara Sea dance against the promenade the lovely atmosphere of the region is a picturesque moment. 

Kadikoy’s populous district has an artistic air and is a center for entertainment and activities. From when the sun rises to when it sets, the region is heavily active. Local restaurants and farmer’s markets really give you a taste of true Turkish cuisine.

The region of Kadikoy is also known as the #1 spot for Citir Manti, a Turkish ravioli dish with yogurt and hot sauce. Whether you’re an international or a local, Kadikoy’s ever-evolving commercial market knows how to keep you entertained.  

Transportation in Kadikoy

As a coastal region and one of the main districts in Istanbul, Kadikoy has a well-served IDO maritime transport. The marine taxi transports you to coastal regions within Istanbul such as Besiktas, Karakoy, and Eminonu. In addition to coastal regions such as Yalova. 

There’s also a metro station for the M4 line that connects Kadikoy to Haydarpasa passing through various destinations in between such as Akasya Mall. 

There’s also a public bus station in the region where all the buses in Kadikoy start their route. There are also private minibusses that along with public buses can take you to the Metrobus which is 5 mins away. 

Entertaining & Facilities in Kadikoy 

Kadikoy’s Art Deco neighborhoods are compact with all the different types of markets, cafes, and restaurants, from local and traditional to international and quirky. 

In addition to gums, cinemas, billiard rooms, PlayStation and rooms, and much more. 

But most importantly there’s the farmer’s market that lays out all the different local produce from spices, olives, cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits, Turkish Midye stands, and various fish options. 

As for malls, you can easily access the many shopping centers around the district including Palladium, Akasya, and Emaar via public transport in the area. 

Education & Health Care 

While Kadikoy is everything for entertainment the region also hosts some of the prestigious universities in Turkey such as Marmara University and the Istanbul College of Dramatic Arts.

There are many public and private schools all around the area including international schools such as the Keystone International School which provides education in the English language.  

As for healthcare, there’s the Goztepe State Research Hospital, Medipol Private Hospital as well as Acibadem Hospital. 

Distance to Major Districts 

  • Taksim: 25 mins
  • Besiktas: 20 mins
  • Sisli: 22 mins
  • Bakirkoy: 25 mins
  • Levent: 20 mins
  • Sariyer: 30 mins
  • Istanbul Airport: 40 mins

Investment in Kadikoy 

The charming view of the Marmara Sea, proximity to Bagdat Caddesi, the local bazaar, and other facilities in the region give Kadikoy a unique allure.  So you can easily invest in rental properties and get high rental returns back. There will always be people who want to live in Kadikoy. 

The region is also witnessing a significant urban movement where luxury projects are emerging which will increase the real estate value of the region in the near future.