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Turkish Citizenship

All you need to know about Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship 


Turkish citizenship by investment program is among the most appealing in the world. Both the value of the Turkish passport and the requirements make the process very interesting for internationals. Most of the flexible requirements came around in 2018, where the Turkish government changed the investment limit from $1,000,000 to 25% of the amount. And currently, Turkey is the biggest destination for citizenship by investment programs. 


Kindly note that our team will help you obtain Turkish Citizenship by managing all your documents after-sales. 


About the Turkish Passport 

The Turkish passport is ranked 36th in the world and can access 111 countries without a visa. More specifically you can enter some of the 111 countries such as Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, & Kuwait visa-free. But other countries may require a visa on arrival with the passport. 


Citizens Who Can’t Apply for Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizens of the following countries aren’t eligible for the citizenship by investment program: 

  • Syria 
  • Cuba 
  • Armenia 
  • North Korea 

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey 

1- Turkish citizenship by buying property

The most common method for applying for citizenship by investment program in Turkey is through real estate. As a foreign investor, you must meet the followingrequirements to be eligible for the program. 


  • Buy one property or multiple properties in Turkey worth $250,000
  • Hold the property for 3 years. Meaning you aren’t allowed to resell the property for the next 3 years. 
  • Have the title deed and all the legal documents 
  • There’s no stay requirement. You can leave the country anytime during this process. 


2- Turkish citizenship by deposing money

You can apply for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey by depositing money. This is a guaranteed method but not equally as popular as real estate. 

  • The minimum amount of money to deposit in a Turkish is $500,000.
  • To be eligible for the program you must not withdraw the money for 3 years. 

Turkish Citizenship and Your Family

What documents do I need for Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish Citizenship and Your Family 

As an applicant, you can include your spouse and kids under 18 in the citizenship by investment program. You can get full family residency with the program. 


What documents do I need for Turkish Citizenship?


Our customer care at Property Pluss will help you issue and manage all the following documents.


  • You will need a clear criminal record to be suitable for the program. The criminal record must go through the Ministry of Interior for confirmation 
  • You will need to submit a document issued in your name. This document must show your parents’ names, birth details, marital status & corresponding documents. As well as ID/passport number.


The citizenship by investment program is special in the sense it doesn’t require a pre-approval period. In fact, the requirements are considerably more flexible in comparison to many other countries. For instance, many countries require a 5-year stay in the country before you’re granted citizenship. But in Turkey, there are no restrictions in this sense. Furthermore, the approval rates for the program are relatively high. 

How Long Does It Take to Get the Turkish Citizenship? 

Most foreign investors wait a period of 3 to 6 months before they’re granted the Turkish Citizenship. But you must still keep the real estate on hold for the coming 3 years. As we mentioned above, there are no stay requirements for applicants. You can enter and leave the country as you wish. 

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